Kung fu camp

Kelowna Martial Arts Camps For Kids In Summer

Kung fu camp

Summertime Martial Arts Camps Are Fun

For kids the most wonderful time of the year is school vacation. Kids look forward to lots of activities. Parents want their children to enjoy their summer vacation in ways that also enrich their lives and provides new learning curves.

Parents can be quite discerning and innovative when choosing a summer camp. They choose a summer camp that offers a program of fitness and also introduces a new form of physical activity.

Martial arts has a two-pronged benefit:
1. It provides healthy physical movement that enhances kids coordination
2. It also provides mental stimulation and creativity parents want for their kids

Why Kids Love Kelowna Martial Arts Summer Camps

Kids have a lot of mental and physical energy they need to release and exert in healthy forms of exercise.

In Kelowna BC, parents have the advantage of registering their kids for summer camp classes in karate kids want to learn. Classes are held in the well-appointed studio or online to accommodate each family’s particular needs and preferences.

The Benefits of Kids Summer Camps

The study of karate introduces children to a form of self-discipline and self-control while they enjoy the overall benefits of this ancient art as healthy exercise. For children with attention deficit and learning problems, this art form increases their mental acuity.

When parents enroll their children in a summer camp that offers this art form, they soon see their children develop and master physical coordination and mental self-discipline.

The Enrollment Age for Oriental Self Defense Art Forms

Generally, kids six years old are the ideal age to consider enrolling them in this art form.

By age six children readily understand the link between body movement and mental direction. They are also more developed in their physical balance and adapt well to learning this fun form of exercise.

Oriental art forms are based on an expertly choreographed process of self-defense. In addition to kids enjoying learning this art form, they have the advantage of learning how to defend themselves should the need arise.

More importantly, kids develop a keen sense of self-image based on an ancient art steeped in mental and moral aspects of life and daily living.

Four Main Styles
Since there are four main styles of this art form, check with your Kelowna studio as to which of the four styles your kids will learn.

The Kelowna summer camp instructors provide kids with a background into their new course of study. Kids may even add new words to their summer camp vocabulary from instructors at the studio or online.

One thing is certain, kids realize early on there is more to what they learn in summer camp instruction in this art form. They learn it becomes a meaningful way of life that has a ripple effect in all other educational studies.

Summer Camp and Goal Setting
When kids summer camps offer a diverse range of exercise and activities, they are exposed to the importance of setting their own personal goals. Enroll early and visit the Kelowna BC studio today.